Pettit Lime

Map of Texas highlighting the location of the Pettit Lime prospect in northeeast Texas

The Pettit is one of East Texas’ primary targets, producing from grainstone shoals, much like the shoals that exist today in the shallow waters of the Bahamas. These bars can be large reservoirs covering many square miles. The quality of the porosity and permeability is usually quite high, but some bars show a tighter nature (in oil and gas lingo, they are called “tite” when the permeability is low). Only recently have companies begun to look at these lesser quality reservoirs as a viable target for horizontal drilling. New scouting reports from one horizontal well, suggest rates as high as 900 barrels of oil per day (BOPD). In addition, companies are beginning to assess the potential to fracture stimulate the vertical wells. Two Pettit shoals have been mapped, where acreage held by other companies begins to expire in January of 2006.