Atoka Sands (Pregnant Shale or Davis Sand)

Map of Texas showing the Atoka Sands play location in north Texas. This north Texas zone is often called the “Pregnant Shale” because of its characteristic shape on down-hole electric logs. The zone is a poor performer in general, with the median wells producing 130 MMCFG, and the average well producing about 254 MMCFG. The zone is shallow and has many shared characteristics to the Barnett Shale, which implies that it could be engineered to give economic quantities of gas as a stand-alone target. New hydraulic fracture treatments should improve results. The zone is shallow at only 3,000 to 5,800 feet.

Energy Frontiers Partners had planned to make this a primary target horizon to chase; however, the Barnett Shale “boom” has washed over much of the play area, driving lease prices to very high levels. It is expected that this acreage can be farmed out for low cost in two years. Energy Frontiers Partners has already identified numerous leases to acquire, when the time is right.

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