Marble Falls and Duffer Lime

Map of Texas highlighting the location of the Marble Falls, Duffer and Barnett prospect in North-central Texas near Marble Falls

In north Texas there is a Pennsylvanian limestone, which has similar characteristics to another Pennsylvanian age limestone in west Texas (the Strawn Lime), that has responded very well to horizontally drilled and fraced wells. Energy Frontiers Partners believes that many analogies can be drawn to the west Texas cousin, but to date, no company has tried these techniques on the Marble Falls or Duffer zones. A horizontal Duffer Lime well is reportedly being drilled now, and in time scout reports will follow. Energy Frontiers Partners has already identified 6,000 acres of leasehold and is generating more prospects within the play.

Barnett Shale

The Barnett Shale is one of the hottest plays in the lower 48 states, but at one time it was pursued by only a handful of companies. Then it was discovered that light sand slick-water fracs could dramatically improve well performance, and many old wells responded to re-fracs. The expected ultimate recoveries climbed from 400 MCFG to 1,200 MMCFG. The play continues to expand, and Energy Frontiers Partners is at the forefront of testing new areas with new ideas. Participation is currently as a non-operating partner with Kornye-Tillman but much of the acreage associated with the above-mentioned Marble Falls and Duffer Lime plays is also prospective for Barnett Shale. The three plays appear to dove-tail in almost all areas. Energy Frontiers Partners currently holds interest in 5,000 gross mineral acres with Kornye-Tillman, but is looking to expand into more areas in other counties.