Glen Rose

Map of Texas highlighting the location of the Glen Rose play in east Texas

The Lower Cretaceous (Trinity) Glen Rose carbonates can be classified into two limestone types that produce hydrocarbons: high porosity patch reef and grainstone shoals, and fracture enhanced biomicrite with micro-porosity and occasional thin grainstone bars. The two rock types have distinct production decline profiles, with the high porosity rock giving an exponential decline and the titer fracture controlled porosity giving a hyperbolic decline.

There have been a handful of attempted horizontal wells in the Glen Rose play, with some success. They have usually targeted the high porosity facies. It also stands to reason that the naturally fractured play could work, by way of analogy to other Gulf Coast fracture plays.

The play has seen some recent success and activity in far south Texas with the horizontal wells drilled by TXCO in Maverick County. Glen Rose production occurs throughout the Gulf Coast, and many more opportunities exist, including one captured by Jim Baccus of Taladro Resources in Trinity County and marketed through Energy Frontiers Partners.