Buda-Georgetown Lime

Map of Texas highlighting the location of the 
  Buda-Georgetown Lime play in mideast Texas near Georgetown. This play has been a good steady trend since the late 1970s. The sand responds well to various hydraulic fracture treatments, and its widespread distribution makes it a favorite target for risk-averse companies. Very few dry-holes exist in the trend; however, the relatively high well cost, given its depth of 8,000 to 9,000 feet, make it sensitive to low prices or higher drilling and completion costs. Generally speaking, a well expected to ultimately yield 750 MMCFG is economic. The average well has produced 874 MMCFG. With historical prices below $3 per MCFG, about 65% will ultimately be economic. Given current prices, the number may go as high as 80% of all drilled wells.

The play is often treated as a “statistical play.” Certain parameters, however, can be mapped to high-grade areas and assess the potential of ultimate performance for a given area. Energy Frontiers Partners has 10 prospects within the trend, and can generate additional prospects with very little effort.

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