Austin Chalk Wildcat

Map of Texas highlighting the location of the Austin Chalk Wildcat prospect in south Texas The Austin Chalk is a play that has developed since 1990, with the advent of horizontal drilling. This technology spawned a “boom” of drilling in Pearsall, Giddings, and Brookeland fields. Even though some have the opinion that the play is mature, there are still good prospects left to drill, and in south Texas, there are vast untested tracts of land that could hold another world class field.

Energy Frontiers Partners has proprietary methods for exploring in the trend and a rich experience base to call upon. Some of the partners and associates have drilled dozens of well in the trend. Over the years, both mistakes and successes have served to hone a unifying theory on how the play works. It has often been referred to as a statistical play, but conventional statistics often fail to predict the future. Armed with Energy Frontiers Partners’ fractal statistics methods and proprietary risk analysis tools we can point to new opportunities in the Austin Chalk trend.