About Energy Frontiers Partners, LP

The following history establishes a timeline for Energy Frontiers Partners, LP (EFP). Don Condie has the longest track record with a rich background in drilling, completion, and production engineering. He began his career as a young draftsman and engineer building and repairing bridges. Today Don continues the tradition as an engineer, building and creating a future. The technical members have strong roots in the Union Pacific Resources Company (formerly Champlin Petroleum) culture but only began working as a team in May 2004. EFP continues this tradition today with a strong focus on horizontal drilling plays, hydraulic fracture treatment of tite-gas wells, and a combination of the two techniques. These technologies, coupled with in-house proprietary tools and industry contacts, provide a strong foundation for building a new company.


  • May 2004: Getting Started. The EFP team begins by promoting a re-completion program at Monson Field in Karnes County, Texas, to Freedom Natural Resources and One Tech Energy. This program involved re-completing idle well bores into the Queen City Formation with hydraulic fracture treatments. EFP placed some small investors into the deal and carried their own Working Interest before selling out to One Tech after four completions. This project actually established cash flow before EFP was incorporated in May 2004.
  • June 2004: Kornye-Tillman Deal. EFP initiates a Joint Venture to drill and lease in the Barnett trend Eastland County, Texas. The significance of this deal is that it is in the hinterlands of the Barnett play, where leases are inexpensive to acquire. Two wells have been completed using two different frac styles, yielding stabilized rates between 40 and 50 thousand cubic feet of gas per day (MCFGPD). With additional modeling and frac improvement, the rates could climb to between 100 and 500 MCFGPD. The group currently controls 5,000 acres in the play and can expand to another 5,000 acres quickly.
  • August 2004: Leasing with Petroleum Land Services. EFP begins leasing in Upshur County, Texas, in the East Texas Basin in the active Cotton Valley Lime and Cotton Valley Sand trends. During October 2004, this deal was sold to XTO Energy of Fort Worth, Texas, after receiving competitive offers and strong interest from other companies. In addition to the anticipation of an aggressive drilling program, EFP also has the right to participate for an additional heads-up Working Interest on all subsequent wells drilled in the field. This deal is now the springboard for the next Cotton Valley Lime/Sand prospect.
  • November 2004: Mason Resources. EFP enters into an informal JV with Mason Resources to work together on geophysical problems and work on a key farmout of a PUD location in Nueces County, Texas.
  • July 2005: San Antonio Independent. EFP sold 1,100 acres of leasehold and wells to a medium size independent in San Antonio, Texas. The deal includes a commitment to geo-steer wells and develops a new frac play in the lower Austin Chalk of South Texas.
  • August 2005: Large Fort Worth Independent. EFP sold approximately 700 acres of leasehold, as a drillable unit in the Cotton Valley Lime and Cotton Valley Sand of East Texas. This is a large prospect with "running room" for the client.
  • January 2006: One Year Anniversary of HNAV. After one year of providing service to industry clients, Energy Frontiers Services has 13 clients, and averages a steady 6 HNAV drilling jobs and 2 post-drill appraisals per month. HNAV jobs were performed on the Glen Rose, Austin Chalk, Georgetown Formation, Barnett Shale, Woodford Shale, Fayetteville Shale, Bone Springs Sands, Strawn Sand, James Lime, Mooringsport Lime, and Devonian Lime of West Texas. Truly, 2005 was a milestone year for HNAV. In 2006, we added our first international work experience with PEMEX.
  • Year 2007: In a tough year for EFP, the company still saw deals with XTO and Blackbrush Oil and Gas. A strategic decision was made to chase prospects in south Texas, with emphasis on the Maverick Basin carbonates and resource shale’s, such as the Pearsall Shale and Eagleford Shale plays. EFP participated in a new Buda and Austin Chalk well and began its first operations of Austin Chalk wells in Pearsall field.

  • YEAR 2008: EFP sold the Pearsall property to Stonegate Production Company and continues to collect technical data on the Austin Chalk, Boquillas and Eagleford Shale zones. An exploration and development model for the area incorporates the identification of areas likely to have large aperture fractures, using proprietary analyses. HNAV now incorporates the ability to load multiple curve data sets, including azimuthal gamma-ray curves and spectral gamma-ray curves.

  • YEAR 2009: The exploration and development model is now refined and ready to test with a new well in Zavala County. The company hopes to test the model and new concepts with a new well by the end of the year. Energy Frontiers Services now has contracts for all of the major players in the Eagleford Shale play in south Texas.

Current and Looking Ahead

In June 2006, we launched the Spanish version of our web site, as we look forward to gaining more business in Central and South America. Our unique technology has helped us to leverage into a number of Joint Ventures with clients working in South Texas. In addition, EFP began operating its own wells for the first time, and a large drilling program in North, East, and South Texas will be funded by the end of the year.

Other deals are being negotiated even now. A large inventory of projects ensures steady work and success for the future.

Accomplishments Prior to EFP