Austin Chalk / Eagleford Shale Plays

Map of Texas highlighting the location 
  of the Austin Chalk Fracing play in south Texas Energy Frontiers Partners has an idea that could rejuvenate old horizontal wells drilled in the Pearsall field in south Texas. The field has hundreds of inactive well bores that can be acquired simply by leasing the minerals. EFP will then use its expertise in frac modeling and horizontal geo-navigation, together with a Joint Venture partner, to extend the life of these wells and recover an additional 30,000 to 100,000 BO from fractures in the lower Austin Chalk. Leasehold has already been identified, and negotiations are under way. A Joint Venture partner has expressed interest in the play.

More about the Austin Chalk / Eagleford Shale Plays... (PDF)

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Is the sun setting over Pearsall Field or will the industry see a new era dawn with the advent of Eagleford, Boquillas, and Lower Austin Calk drilling? We think there is a host of new opportunities in these zones in south Texas - both in the old Pearsall Field and in new field discoveries nearby. We have broken down the play in to various disciplines in four separate studies to give a comprehensive over-view of the potential in south Texas.

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