Accomplishments by Decade

Doug Condie - Senior Partner, Vice President Finance and Accounting

Doug began his career in the energy business at Fina Oil and Chemical in Dallas, Texas, working as an accountant in several departments. He worked as a Product Supply Accountant, tracking inventories, and preparing forecasts and wire transfers; and later worked as a Crude Cost Accountant, calculating transfer prices for refineries, determining profit/loss on future crude oil contracts, monitoring activity on crude oil contracts to ensure terms were met, and working with other companies to ensure accuracy of incoming and outgoing wire transfers. As a Property Accountant, he recorded activity on AFE’s pertaining to the Exploration and Production Division.

Later he entered the communications business as a Financial Analyst, and was quickly promoted to Manager of Cost Accounting. He also assumed the management of the Treasury Department determining borrowing needs, assigned receivables, and handling all issues with banks.

At Excel he started in a new division as a Senior Financial Specialist and monitored all costs associated with building a systems platform, creating a customer service division to start selling local phone service. He also set up a new group in London to help create an international office selling long distance and local phone service.

In 2002 he started Condie Investments, where he brokered agreements between various oil and gas companies, and gathered investors to participate in drilling and leasing activity in Texas, until joining Energy Frontiers Partners in 2004.

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