Corporate Profile: EFP=E&P

Multiphase Development of Inventory

Energy Frontiers Partner’s (EFP) potential is based on the highly unusual position of having, in-house, a projected 15 years worth of identified and studied potential resource plays and, in addition, a team with a wealth of deep E&P experience, from small start-ups to large independents.

EFP plans to work through this menu of prospects, ranked from low risk/low capital ventures, onto expanded risk/reward development resource plays of increasing acreage. In addition, currently developing prospects and opportunities are being generated.

Organic growth enables an investment of science and resources into appropriate prospects without the pressure of meeting book acquisition benchmarks. A controlled escalation towards larger assets that may be higher risk, with continually expanding capital resources and partnerships, makes EFP the prudent choice as a partnership company.

Technical Integration

EFP can be identified by its integration of high level engineering, geosciences and economics. EFP is willing and able to provide drilling, completion, and field work. Often a field or play is worked backwards from the economics and well control, and then studied at the G&G level. Every concept is looked at and studied thoroughly. We consider the success of our partners as our own success.

Realizing and booking reserves from our menu is paramount to our and our partners’ success and economic health. Through intelligent exploitation, field management, and science, EFP reduces risk in our plays.

Tite gas plays and horizontal applications are where we shine and where we focus.

The Lost Golden Rule of Business

In all areas and types of risk, the assets we gain will be evaluated using solid engineering and G&G field studies. EFP uses proprietary scientific methods and in-house software applications, as well as prudent field management. We follow a philosophy of “makes sense, makes money.” We pursue trust based upon results.

EFP’s business plan is linked to the relationships it creates and nurtures with investors and Joint Venture Partners over a long timeframe. Our goal is to create, not only a good investment platform (with minimum economic yardsticks), but also to bring back certain elements of friendship and loyalty that are often missing in business today.


Another aspect that sets us apart is the way that we participate in our community by contributing a significant portion of our cash flow to helping people where it counts. We do this by donating money generated from our upstream projects directly to non-profit organizations and trusts that support low income families by subsidizing their energy costs.