HNAV (Horizontal Navigation) - Horizontal Well Geonavigation Services

HNAV is a proprietary horizontal navigation software produced by Energy Frontiers Partners Services. Our primary service is providing quality geonavigation services for horizontally drilled wells. We do this by collecting measured depth gamma-ray, rate of penetration, mudlog, and survey data; then combining it so that a true vertical thickness log is created. The log is correlated with offset well data for accuracy. We generate a precise picture of what stratigraphy the well bore has drilled. The software is unique to the industry combining the tracking of bedded lithologies, as well as vertical discontinuities, such as faults and vertical lithologic boundaries.

The HNAV process and results. Illustrations include a geology pre-drill model, cross-section view, and gamma-ray correlation of logs.

Special Features

  • Marker flags and full text annotation.
  • Better navigation tools - platformed upon a full database management system.
  • Precise control over display option of all graphical and text data.
  • Multiple log display and complete target evaluation assessment.
  • Independent editing of individual data segments.
  • Generation of pdf, gif, png, and ps display files and full compatibility with Adobe™.
  • Management-style presentation plot.
  • Uniquely capable of handling multiple vertical discontinuity types, such as faults and fractures, collapse breccias, reef edges, and other abrupt facies changes.

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