Accomplishments by Decade

Don Condie - Senior Partner, Vice President Engineering

Don began his career as a professional engineer. His first work was in bridge construction and maintenance, but later evolved into oil field exploration, developments and maintenance. Don’s introduction to oil and gas operations began with the creation and directing of multiple well and field development drilling programs.

Don was promoted to management and worked to develop fields for Champlin Petroleum, Tipperary Oil and Gas, and Provident Resources. During this time, Don supervised a team of up to six people and drilled and completed numerous wells in Texas, Colorado, and Canada. He created and supervised an office for Provident Resources in 1979.

In Grand Junction, Colorado, Don set up a new regional office for T. P. Engineering, a Denver-based consulting firm. Later, Don worked for National Oil Company, supervising drilling programs in the Rocky Mountain States, Kansas, and California. In 1985 he formed his own consulting engineering group, working for clients such as Union Pacific Resources, Barrett Resources, D R W Operating, Devon Energy, Diversified Operating, General Atlantic Energy, and National Oil Company.

Don went to work in the geothermal arena in 1991 for CalEnergy Operating Corporation, supervising the completion of numerous hot brine producing and injection wells for geothermal power generation. During this project, he managed a total of $76 million dollars. Many pioneering applications were developed “on the fly.” He retired from the venture in 2003.

Don joined as a founding partner to create Energy Frontiers Partners in 2004.

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