Energy Frontiers Partners

Oil and Gas Sweet-Spots in fractured reservoirs of the Austin Chalk and Eagleford Shale of South Texas CAN be identified and fracture systems CAN be mapped.

Energy Frontiers Partners is a group of professionals dedicated to the exploration and production (E & P) of energy. We have a unique approach to finding and developing hydrocarbons: on one hand we participate and operate shallow (less than 6,000 feet deep) oil and gas wells, while at the same time leasing and promoting deeper pool prospects to industry players.

What sets us apart?

What sets us apart from others is the exploration techniques and technology deployed. We use proprietary statistical methods and software that is not available to other companies. Some of our applications have been developed in-house, while others are borrowed from other industries.

What about our prospects?

Another virtue of our company is a vast inventory of prospects. These have varying degrees of risk, but generally tend toward what is classified as exploitation, with a 50% probability of success, or better. Risk analysis is one arena where we excel. Every prospect is evaluated against the statistical “field” of data, and models are used to project how new technology gives the new venture an edge.

What about our prospecting services?

Our services range from horizontal geo-navigation, to Pickett Analysis, to in-field detailed geologic mapping. We have a custom built toolbox of geologic applications for discovering and mineral prospects. Most of the tools are custom built from the ground up, while others are borrowed from other disciplines and industries.