Eagleford Shale Field Trip

EFP leads custom designed field trips into south Texas and northern Mexico to view the Eagleford Shale at various outcrop locations. The trips can be tailored to special groups and companies, or you can tag along for one of our semi-periodic excursions. You will be amazed at what you will see!

Wide Aperture Fractures in Eagleford ShaleWide Aperture Fractures in Eagleford Shale

In our field trip you will see wide aperture fractures (here ups to 1 inch wide) partly filled by calcite crystals in dipping beds. EFP believes that good natural fractures will be necessary for economic production in the oil window of the Eagleford horizontal play. You will see these fractures in both hard competent beds, as well as softer shale lithology.

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Wide aperture fractures in Austin ChalkWide Aperture Fractures in Austin Chalk

Our field trip also includes good examples of wide aperture fractures in the Austin Chalk, as well as other classic structural elements, such as faults, drag and folds. In short, you will discover what sets the best wells apart from the "typical" well.

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