Frac Design Services

Energy Frontiers Partners, LP, offers a package of quality computer reservoir simulation models through the use of the widely accepted Meyers & Associates Fracturing Simulation Software programs. The programs include MFrac, MFast, MView, MWFlood, MinFrac, MFast, and MNpv. The integrated suite of engineering programs can design, analyze, and monitor the pseudo three-dimensional sand and acid treatments for single and multiple layer reservoirs.

Special Features

Through the use of MFrac, MView, and MinFrac, a model can simulate various frac designs to evaluate the potential of different techniques. The MProd and MNpv suites can perform economic analysis to produce the most profitable stimulation over the wells life cycle.

Detailed plots bring displays of time versus dimensional parameters of the frac and stress profiles. The program displays contour plots of the fracture treatments and comparisons of various planned treatment sand and fluid characteristics. Below is an illustration of a profile plot of height versus length of a sand frac treatment.

Profile plot of height versus length of a sand frac treatment.

The production plot displays include production and cumulative production versus time, treatment costs and NPV versus propped length and treatment costs and NPV versus time. Also partner share costs and NPV values can be viewed.

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